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Parkland Commercial Properties Co. Ltd. (referred to as "Parkland") was founded in 1992 with a Wenzhou business mode. The company has become a leading commercial property developer and operator in China, focusing on developing and operating commercial properties. Over the years, it has accumulated a wealth of experience in commercial property development and established well-known brand name and reputation. In 1999, Parkland achieved a leap-forward development by successfully developing Dalian Parkland mall, which is the landmark of Dalian now.
The commercial properties Parkland develops and operates can be primarily broken into two categories, retail shopping centers and retail/wholesale markets. Shopping centers target the upscale market, in which provide upscale retail, hospitality and recreation services. Wholesale markets, offering shopping environments as malls and layouts of supermarkets, aim at establishing high-quality shopping space in China's new upgraded version of the wholesale and retail markets. Parkland has successfully develops and operates several commercial properties, which are Dalian Parkland Mall, Dalian International Finance Center- Parkland Court Multifunctional Urban project, Dalian Parkland Harbour – Outlets, Dalian Amber Bay project, Dalian Wenzhou City Mall, Changchun Wenzhou City Mall, Shenyang Wenzhou City Mall, Hefei Parkland Mall, and etc.. Parkland has a total of approximately 200 million sqm projects at stages of under construction, in operation and held for future development.

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